I am not an expert on the subject of past lives, and in fact, a belief in reincarnation went against my childhood religious upbringing. But a series of events in life, along with extensive personal study, have caused me to look at things more often from a spiritual perspective rather than from a religious one. I now have fewer preconceived notions about what is true or possible, and more often, I have an open heart and inquiring mind instead of a dogmatic persuasion that I have all the answers. (Click here for a short paper regarding my thoughts on past life regression.)

According to Henry Leo Bolduc, my instructor who has researched regression experiences for over 30 years, “You don’t have to take a stand on past lives in order to benefit from information the unconscious provides.” And frankly, whether or not past-life memories are real or simply the incredible work of someone’s imagination doesn’t matter much to me since my goal is to help clients gain insight and healing, using their subconscious mind as a tool. Hypnosis and past-life regression are two ways to accomplish that.

In the beginning of a past-life regression, clients often feel like the thoughts or memories are just products of their imagination, almost like they’re making up the story. But usually quite early in the process, the past life story takes on a life of its own, and the client says they “just know” it’s more than make-believe. Years after a session, clients indicate that the “haunting mood” and helpful insights of the past-life experience convinces them that the memory was real.

Regardless, of what you believe about reincarnation and past lives, most of us will admit that the human mind is incredible, and the brain can be a powerful tool. For years, I remember hearing that the average person uses only 10% of his/her brain. While modern technology may show that we use all parts of our brain, I think many of us will agree that we aren’t fully tapping into its power. Hypnosis and regression can help.

I’m not a psychologist or psychiatrist, and I haven’t studied a lot about Freud. But I understand that he believed that behavior has a cause, usually hidden from the conscious mind. He wrote that, “Amnesia lies at the base of all neurotic symptoms”, or worded differently, we might say he believed that our neuroses are caused by something we’ve forgotten. He also said that, “Our goal is to reveal the forgotten memories through yet-to-be learned methods”, so perhaps one of those yet-to-be learned methods he referred to is Regression Therapy.

The act of remembering forgotten events in a past life is not a guarantee that the processing of such events through to forgiveness or change will be automatic. Individuals must choose to take deliberate action to make changes in life. But working with a client at the soul level, a Regression Therapist (often in conjunction with professional counseling and/or self-development), can facilitate this important process of change.

My clients don’t do past-life regression just for entertainment, although the experience is often fun. They are seeking insights and information that can assist them with challenging life issues. Regression therapy is just one of many tools to help you unlock the power of your own mind. (Click here for a short paper regarding my thoughts on past life regression.)

Donna Nowak, CH, CRT

Donna is a Consulting Hypnotist and certified in regression therapy. She helps clients achieve their goals related to attitude, behavior, motivation, performance, relationships, self-control, self-esteem, stress management, and much more. She has been in private practice since January 2000.